Seasonal Cocktail Class & Tasting

Everything About Mezcal

Is it a Tequila? Is it from Mexico? Why is there a worm in it? What is the hype about?

Join Agave Tip Tasting Club at The Boothby Center and have all your questions answered while learning how to make your favorite cocktails! You are invited to our regular get together of agave spirit lovers where everyone is invited to taste, discuss and share all things agave-related.

Be part of our exclusive mezcal tasting and seasonal cocktail class given by a surprise guestfrom one of our favorite bars and savor different and exotic flavors. We will taste three different mezcals and will move on to choose the best ingredients for our cocktails. Learn ratios and techniques to make your cocktails like a pro.

Tickets are $95 and include the tasting of three mezcals and two cocktails. All proceeds go toward our mission of preserving and advancing the cocktail and saloon culture of the San Francisco Bay Area. Tickets are only available online and cannot be paid at the door due to limited supplies.

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*Students must be 21 years old and older and will be identified at the beginning of the class.

Mezcal Tasting & Seasonal Cocktail Class

Saturday, Aug. 17th 2013 at 6:30-8:30pm

1161 Mission St

San Francisco, CA

between 7th St & Julia St


6:30 - 6:45 PM Light Refreshments

6:45 - 7:15 PM Mezcal Tasting

7:15 - 7:25 PM Break

7:25 - 8:30 PM Mezcal Seasonal Cocktail Class

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