10 Found Dead on Soldier Island

Devon, England - October 12th, 1939

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Judge Murders 10 Guests of the Soldier Island Mansion

Justice Wargrave, a local judge, had written letters to 9 people guilty of murder, asking them all to visit Soldier Island. He kept his identity a secret by signing each one with "U. N. Owen" or someone the person would have personally known. Once all the guests had arrived, he played a tape telling each murder that each person had committed.

Justice then poisoned Anthony Marston and Ethal Rogers, snuck up behind General Macarthur and Thomas Rogers, injected cyanide into Emily Brent, pushed Edward Armstrong into the ocean, and threw a marble clock at William Blore. After killing Emily, Justice had faked him death with the help of Dr. Armstrong. He watched as Vera Claythorne shot Philip Lombard with his revolver, and as Vera hung herself. He then shot himself, but planned out how he would do it so it looked as if someone else had murdered him.

Mr. Justice Wargrave wrote a letter confessing how and why he killed the 9 others and himself. He then put it into a bottle and threw it out to sea. The shocking confession was found at Scotland Yard.

Boon Review

The book "And Then There Were None" was okay. I liked how there was a good mystery and a lot of murder, but I didn't like how the author gave us absolutely no hints that Justice Wargrave was Mr. Owen. She didn't give us hints about anything. Basically, the book was murder, poem, and just extra unimportant things. The author didn't tell us what the characters looked like in detail, so I had a hard time trying to picture each event. But, it also seemed to me that there was almost too much detail. The book could have been shorter, but it was filled with unnecessary conversations and irrelevant details. I did however like the characters and their backstories, and the ending when Justice confessed.