What Keeps Hannah Well

Hannah Zapchenk

"Wellness is becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life"

UC Davis definition


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My family is a large part of my wellness. My Mom is a music therapist who leads activities with elderly residents in memory care, my Dad is a graphic designer for an educational products company, and my sister is a sophomore at the U of M studying graphic design. I love spending time with my Mom, Dad, and younger sister, Emma. I feel most well when we are sitting around the fireplace, playing board games, and my Dad is strumming the guitar. I also love spending holidays together (Christmas 2013) because those are the times we've created so many traditions as a family.



Another person who has supported my wellness these past three years has been my partner, Miles. He has shown me how to love someone else selflessly and gives me the respect, patience, and understanding I deserve.
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After family and my partner, travel is my biggest hobby which keeps me well. I have travelled to England, France, Italy, Monaco, Cuba, and Australia along with the United States. I find I grow most in my understanding of people when I experience different cultures than my own. This fall I will be in Australia for sixteen weeks student teaching in inner city Melbourne and I look forward to all the trip will add to my wellness.


Another component of my wellness is music. I am always humming or singing. I'm very appreciative of my parents for fostering a love of music at a young age through piano lessons and sing-a-longs around the house. I was in choir all the way through high school and the video below is of Otche Nash (The Lord's Prayer) which we sang my senior year at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Otche Nash


Family, relationships, travel, and music are just some of the things that keep me well. I know I will continue all of these in some capacity throughout my life and look forward to adding new things to my "What Keeps Hannah Well" list.