My Division Flyer

Dividing multi digit numbers

  1. When doing division you must split the first number evenly to get your answer. Example: 4286÷22=2143
  2. When dividing you must divide the number closest to the divisor( which in the example the 2 would be the divisor) in the house which looks like this ______ 22)4286
  3. To divide you must multiply a number times the divisor but, it must be less than the first number you'er dividing
  4. The number you multiplied goes on top of the house ______ <------------ )
  5. What ever numbers you have left from dividing you bring down
  6. Then the next number to divide you bring behind the number you have left
  7. What ever number you have on top of the house is your answer
  8. When dividing with a decimal the first thing you do is bring up the decimal from where it is in the house
  9. If you have no numbers left to bring down but you have a number left to divide you would (if it has a decimal ignore this) add a decimal and a zero