By:Melanie.R.Fursman : Book Written By J.K Rowlling

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Do you like wizards,magic,broomsticks,snakes?Well if you do you will love this book series!Harry Potter,there are seven of these fine books but their are eight movies because the Deathly Hallows has part one and two.But personally i think that the Goblet Of Fire is the best one.

What This Book Is About

The Goblet Of Fire is about tow other schools coming to Hogwarts to compete in the TRI WIZARDS CUP!When all of the competeters had been chossen Harry's name was also drawn out when he was underage so everyone was yelling at him saying that he was a" fake a lier".But do you know why they kept saying this?All of the other student that were under the age of 15 were not alklowed to put their name into the Goblet Of Fire.(Harry)

Main Charachters In The Goblet Of Fire

So if you enjoy The Deltora Quest you will love the Harry Potter series.