The Pigocalypse

By: D.J. Imoehl

What would you do if you were in space and there was a pigocalypse? That is exactly what a young prince has to deal with in this story.


Character: A young and good-looking prince (Bjorn)

Setting: Outer Space

Conflict: Pigs attack the world

Theme: Don't be a coward; fight for your friends!

A young man and prince, Bjorn is in a space shuttle. Things are going good until... pigs decide to attack mankind. Without the help of NASA, Bjorn and his fellow astronauts cannot go home. Things get even worse when their ship is attacked. Will Bjorn survive? Will any human endure? Read the story to find out!

About the Author: D.J. Imoehl

A young man interested in math and science, you wouldn't think he would ever write a story like this. But hey, teachers be crazy, right?