Scholarship Tips 101

Seniors take note...

STRESSED??!! Check this out...

It is a stressful time of year, especially for seniors who are trying to make college decisions, plans, and continue on with your senior year! Remember Mrs. Moser and Mrs. O'Connor are here to help you navigate the way! This newsletter is a compilation of what was covered in School to Career class, as well as a one-stop shop for all the scholarship tools you need! Read below for helpful links and reminders.

Avoid your application being tossed to the side! Follow these tips!

  • Always TYPE the application ~ be sure to download off Counseling Center website for typing accessibility. Otherwise you won't be able to type into it.
  • Double check you have read and followed all the directions.
  • Details, details... did it ask for a signature?
  • NO blanks! (remember to use N/A if it is not applicable)
  • Follow due dates... don't turn it in late! It will be dismissed.

Submitting Scholarships

  • Submit to Mrs. Moser or Mrs. O'Connor when complete
  • We will add a transcript for you (if needed) and also handle the postage
  • Be sure to submit prior to the due date (two days prior for postmarking, three days prior or more for due dates)
  • Local scholarships can be turned in the day it is due by 4:00 p.m.

Join Google Classroom for seniors

Use the code ymxszzg
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School To Career tools... find in your google docs (or online with links)

  • Activities Resume on EducationQuest
  • My Top 10 (listing of 10 scholarships you qualify for. Click here for generic worksheet)
  • Scholarship Packet (copy is kept in the Counseling Center in your file or click here)
  • ScholarshipQuest (on EducationQuest... can go back and revise the questions)

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