Colonial Community

Author:Bobbie Kalman. Kendra Schulmeister lexile:680 pg. 31

Colonial Community

Colonial Community is about what people in the old in days did , like there was a blacksmith and ,a Milliner.One thing I did not know was that kids wore what was called a pudding so that when they fall they don't get hurt.One thing I did know was that people had slaves.


There were what was called a farrier who made and put a horse shoes onpg.14

The slaves lived in what was called slave quarter's pg.8

Also woman shopped at a milliner that s where all of women's clothes pg.24

Author purpose

I think that the author purpose of this book is to tell the readers how the people did in the early 1900 . I think this because this book is full of stuff that people used back than .

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Horse carriage

This is a Horse Carriage it is used to carry people around in. This is important to the story because I thought they walked every where. So I thought it was cool to see it.