By Hannah, Noah, Pierce, and Cooper

The Halogen elements

F- Fluorine

Ci- Chlorine

Br- Bromine

I- Iodine


Symbol: F

Melting Point: -363.3°F (-219.6°C)

Atomic Number: 9

Discovered: 1886, Henri Moissan and it was found in France.

Fluorine is an very reactive and poisonous chemical element. When in room temperature, it turns into a pale yellow gas made of diatomic molecules. It is the lightest of the halogens.

Environmental Safety-

Fluorine is a dangerous and poisonous gaseous halogen

Everyday uses- Tooth Paste



Bromine melts at 7°C and boils at 69°C. It has 35 electrons and a atomic mass of 79.904. It’s density is 3.12 g/cm3. Its Symbol is Br and it was discovered in 1826 by Antoine Jerome Balard in Montpellier ,France. Environmental Safety:It may be hazardous. Fun fact:Bromine is used in flame retardants and some vegetable oil



Iodine symbol is I and its atomic number is 53 and it atomic mass is 126.9. It melting point is 113.7°C. Iodine was discovered by Bernard Courtois in 1811 in France.

Foods that are high in Iodine are Dried Seafood, Baked Potatos, Shrip, Baked Turkey Breast, Boiled eggs.

Environmental hazardous- Iodine may be radioactive. That will naturally form a chemical reaction.



Symbol: Cl Melting Point - 101 °C Atomic number- 17

Chlorine is a greenish yellow gas, combines with nearly all elements.

Used in cleaning products and put in pools

It was discovered in Sweden founded by Carl Wilhelm Scheele 1774



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