The iPhone MEGA 10

An Innovation By: Jannat Gill

Who Invented It First?

The first iPhone was invented by Steve Jobs and his team of engineers. Steve Jobs was one of the 3 founders for the company known around the world as Apple. It has been innovated many times. The upcoming innovated product will be made by Jannat Gill.

Release Dates

Original Invention Release Date:

-June 29, 2007: The first iPhone was released

Innovation Release Dates:

-June 9, 2008: The iPhone 3G was introduced

-June 9, 2009: Apple releases the new iPhone 3GS

-June 7, 2010: Apple introduces the iPhone 4

-October 4, 2011: Apple launches the iPhone 4s

-September 21, 2012: The iPhone 5 was introduced

-September 10, 2013: The iPhone 5s and 5c were released

-September 9, 2014: The iPhone 6 was released

-September 25, 2015: The iPhone 6s came out

-March 21, 2016: Apple releases the iPhone SE

My Innovation Release Date:

-December 28, 2017: The iPhone MEGA 10 is released

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When Was it Widely used?

1 million iPhones were sold 74 days after the first one was released for purchase. TIME also declared, the iPhone "Best Invention of the Year," in 2007. Today, different models of the iPhone are widely used across the U.S., as well as nationally in different countries.

How does it Work?

On/Off Button: To turn your iPhone on or off.

Volume Button: To increase and decrease the volume.

Side Film Inserter: It's an opening on the side of your phone where you put in film to print out for the Polaroid camera.

Side Polaroid Opening: Where you can print out Polaroid photos from our new Polaroid app.

New Built-in-Speakers: The new speakers are now much louder. Now, if you have a party, you don't need speakers because your iPhone can blast the music itself.

Home Button: So, that when you are on your phone, you can return the home screen.

Inside of the Phone: The overall inside of the iPhone hasn't changed too much. I have just made the dual processor 100 times better than the iPhone 6s and SE.

Screen: The screen is now 14 inches long, so that we could add in more improvements.

Water Proof: The whole phone is encased in nano sized plastic and rubber to keep water from going in.

Camera Lens Front & Back: New high definition camera, giving you the quality of any professional camera.

Headphone Jack: To plug in your earbuds.

Charging Port: To charge your phone, now with a longer lasting battery of 24 hours.

The phone was programmed by my team of engineers that had experience with the product before, so that it was a better product than previous iPhone designs. It uses a larger battery to be powered, and lasts longer.

How Does It Change Lives for Consumers?

Well, iPhones have given people another way of communication, such as video chatting, texting, emailing, and calling. It has given people the ability to take pictures, listen to music, play games, go on the internet, use social media, etc., all at tips of your fingers. Even if it has similarities to a lot of other smartphones, many people prefer iPhones because they like the overall design and quality of it. However, with my new innovation, it will make all of the iPhone competitors just give-up. It changes the ways people live their normal life when they have a phone, like the iPhone because instead of carrying a whole bunch of different things, its all in one phone.
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How is America being Affected?

With this technology, there have been jobs given in order to develop this new innovation. There are also, many jobs openings to be available with the further development of our technology. The creation of this product and products that will come in the future will create even more job openings, which can help bring up America's terrible economy.
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