Team Inspired

Lead by : Angela Campbell 80K

Welcome to our Le-Vel team page!

We are SO excited that you have chosen to join our team in this THRIVE experience! Get ready to be rewarded physically, emotionally, and financially as you share this product to make individual lives extraordinary!

This page has been created to help you start and grow your business. It serves to help bring many of the fantastic free tools we have available to one main location.

However, this page should not replace direct engagement with the team and your upline, nor should you underestimate the power of regularly referencing your free Cloud office.

What we are doing and the product and business we are offering can help the masses! Remember that you are not alone, and your upline's job is to help you succeed. Use them!

Leader Contacts

Toni Strathman 972-256-6315
Mauria Dillard 940-389-2720
Lori Tate 817-319-1829
Aaron Aponte 817-701-5761

Angela Campbell 214-709-2883

Compliance - Do not proceed, do not pass go, until you read this!

None of this is possible if our company gets in trouble! We must follow compliance to the letter. Please check the company updates (link further below), as the below are only the highlights.

From Le-Vel Company Updates:

We are beyond grateful and excited about all the thousands of new daily EXPERIENCES that are being shared but PLEASE make sure all stories SHARED are from your brands fanpage!

In closing, we DO want ALL stories to be shared and we encourage you to email for your story to be approved and posted by Le-Vel compliance!

PLEASE help your team, and if you notice any testimonies have been posted outside of our Fan Page, (NOT SHARED as this is how it should be done)...we ask you notify them and ask them to remove the testimony from their page and submit all testimonies, along with a personal picture to:

Le-Vel Corporate Compliance Updates!

Back office updates for Brand Promoters

Our company has exploded over the past two years and we are continuing to build with incredible momentum! Our corporate compliance updates will provide you with the latest information on policies that will help ensure Le-Vel’s longevity in the industry. We want to protect everyone’s ability to continually enjoy the financial and wellness benefits that we offer!

There’s Power in Numbers!

The Le-Vel Corporate Fan Page has almost 500,000 fans and the activity on our page is off the charts! It’s important that you and your team members get proper exposure when it comes to sharing testimonies. It is just as important to make sure that the testimonies don’t mislead the general public, or make claims that could get anyone in trouble. That’s why we have our compliance policies and guidelines in place; we want to help you expand your reach while still staying compliant!

That’s also why we need everyone to send their testimonies (or of team members) to All you need to do is copy and paste the testimonial text into the email body and attach your image!

If you follow the guidelines below your testimony will be posted to our corporate fan page within 24-48 hours for 75,000 raving fans to see! If not, it will need to go through our compliance department for revisions, and that could delay (or prevent) your testimony from being posted. Thank you in advance for working with us as a team and making sure that EVERYONE is Thriving together!

Le-Vel “Medical/Curative Claims” Testimonial Guidelines

This Guideline has been created for both written and verbal testimonials. It is important that you understand what you can and cannot say in a testimonial as it relates to health related claims.


1. Testimonials CANNOT state that our products help cure or prevent any type of disease or disorder. This is what is called a “Medical Claim” or “Curative Claim.”

NOTE: The list below is for illustrative purposes only. Please ask if you have any compliance questions by emailing

DO NOT SAY: fibromyalgia, ADHD, hypothyroidism or hot flashes

INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: health challenge or lack of overall wellness

DO NOT SAY: migraines, chronic headaches or daily headaches
INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: headaches (do not indicate type, severity, or persistency)

DO NOT SAY: depression, panic attack, anxiety or major mood swings
INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: emotionally/mentally stressed, mild mood changes

DO NOT SAY: arthritis, joint disease, degenerative disk, sciatica, nerve damage

INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: general joint discomfort, general aches and discomfort

DO NOT SAY: chronic, long term, on-going, suffering, battling, or daily

INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: dealing with, working through, challenged with

DO NOT SAY: diagnosis, prescription, treatment, and therapy, “my doctor said”

INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: health related matters, health challenges

DO NOT SAY: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood work

INSTEAD, YOU CAN SAY: health challenges, lack of well being

2. Any type of daily, long-term or chronic pain could possibly be the result of an unknown disease, disease-process or disorder. Don’t make any claims that our products helped or stopped chronic (or long-term) pain, a health condition, or a disorder of any type. Such statements are considered Curative Claims or Medical Claims. Statements that “general aches and discomforts” were helped or minimized are acceptable statements and are not Curative or Medical Claims.

3. Don’t make any statements or claims that our supplements replaced or helped you reduce any type of prescribed medication, therapy, or any other medically-related treatments or procedures.

4. General statements regarding overall improvement in health and well-being will usually keep you within the acceptable guidelines. Examples of this would be statements including: increased energy, overall wellness, mental clarity, increased happiness, improved mood, reduced aches and discomforts, etc.


Our products are NOT intended for minors. Do not make any testimonials that involve the use or consumption of our products by minors.

How do I start?


If you want your business to be successful, you must make a personal commitment! Commit to yourself, commit to your upline, commit to your team - we are all here for each other, and you are NEVER on your own. Put more directly - DO NOT try to do this on your own. Your commitment should be to give 110% for your first 30 days to build your foundation for future success. You don't need any sales experience to share THRIVE; you don't need any specific skills or experience. What you do need is to forget anything you think you know or quit worrying about what you think you don't and let your Le-Vel leadership coach you. Why? Because the simple system works! If you don't follow the system, your new promoters won't follow it either! You have to use a system that can be duplicated. We have that system, also known as the Information Funnel.

Know the Basics

Your 2 minute THRIVE testimony

  • How has it helped you?
  • Let your VOICE and your ACTIONS portray your WHY
  • When talking to someone, talk to them like they have already purchased (your excitement will shine through)
  • Share your experience
  • Your background - health/job
  • What difficulties you were experiencing
  • How Le-Vel came to the rescue
  • Be BOLD, YOU know your WHY
  • Sense of Urgency
  • When sharing with a potential customer, care about THEM and THEIR goals.

24 hr Pre-recorded Call

  • Listen to it! Listen to it often! It is usually updated weekly
  • 641-715-3659 access code 137907#
  • Save the call to your phone contacts
  • Share the call with your friends - HINT -Best way to share is to 3-way your friend into the call. It's only 4-5 minutes long.

Le-Vel LIVE Corporate Call

  • Add to your contacts list
  • 641-715-3660 access code 137907#
  • Share it every Tuesday and Thursday night! 8pm CST
  • Lines are muted, so it's a good way for friends to hear about us without feeling intimidated
  • Monday night is a new promoter training call at 8pm CST

Back Office Training Call
  • Listen to TonI's training call to get familiar with the back office
  • 712-432-1085 access code 176756#

Le-Vel Fan Page on FB

Get Your Product for FREE

  • Enroll 2 customers on autoship so your product will be FREE!

VIP Bonuses

Enroll 2 promoters with UPGRADE PACK and 2 customers (or more) on autoship and have a total of $800 in volume to get $660 in bonuses! You can do this TWICE! This bonus period is only available for your FIRST 14 days!

Listen to this recording to learn how to achieve your bonuses -

Pointers - (These do not replace your training call with upline)

Power of 3's

  • 3-way calls are the KEY to SUCCESS
  • At least 3 contacts each day to new non-Thrivers
  • 3 Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn shares each day (either from Le-Vel fan page experiences or your own personalized posts) **Remember we are an experience-driven company-stay away from coming across as too salesy (utilize any and all free social media)


  • Easy as 1-2-3
  • Thrive fills in nutritional gaps that everyone has
  • Don't sell products, sell the system
  • Why 8 weeks? This is the length of time the body needs to get full effect
  • Be a Product of the Product
  • Share stories, not ingredients - don't be Mr. Molecule
  • The system is easy, people are complicated
  • Shake - Do you know any shake out there with probiotics in it? It's expensive to put live cultures into the shake mix. Full of cleansing properties. 50% of daily vitamin/mineral content.
  • Balance - Goal to lose weight? Add BALANCE!! If it's not coming out, it's not coming off! Digestion is key to your health. Balance is a tune up.
  • Activate - increased energy, extra energy, pre-workout (1 hour empty stomach)
  • Boost - 16 servings of 46 fruits and vegetables

Smart Sampling

  • Never give out a sample without creating value and explaining the product - this is done on a 3 Way Call with your upline ( can sale or give away FREE - it's your choice)
  • Ask as they sample, if they will mind posting on FB and tagging you - this helps you, help them start getting referrals towards FREE product
  • Follow up is KEY - "Do you notice how great you're feeling?" - keep this simple and ALWAYS follow up every day they sample, ESPECIALLY Day 1


  • Meet people where they are. Don't go deeper than where they are.
  • We don't sell products. We sell experience.
  • Plus line is to enhance 1-2-3
  • I know you like to help people, and this product can help people.
  • "Hey, let's order this together." - Gaining/attracting customers
  • Always be looking and listening for opportunities
  • Make your lists - Contact as many people as possible - email, text, call, social media
  • Don't forget about people in other cities and states? Family? Friends?
  • Know your WHY! Repeat it to yourself over and over again! Make it visual!
  • WRITE IT DOWN! IAM ______!
  • Create your vision board - seeing it is believing it!


  • Start your day with Personal Development (quotes, videos, read, team call recordings, etc. )
  • Post 3 times a day on social media (morning / lunchtime / dinner )
  • Get on all team calls - goal of 3 per week
  • Try to get a goal of 3 new FREE accounts a day
  • Invite 10 people a day to the fan page (when they accept - reach out )
  • Contact 3-5 people per day minimum - this will determine your level of success
  • Talk to your upline a minimum of 1 x a week
  • 3 Way Calls - goal of 3 per week


  • PM this in a message : Have you seen what I'm posting on FB? I have been meaning to call you.
  • Comment on people's FB pages, don't just like it. This links you to their feed.
  • Paint a picture of simplicity - 1 - 2 - 3 and done for the day!
  • Must interact with your audience - don't always have to talk about Thrive
  • Be consistent with sharing - 3 times a day (morning, noon, night) Not everyone gets on FB at the same time, so they won't always see your posts/shares

Cloud Office

  • Read company updates frequently - review previous updates if you are new
  • Read leader updates frequently

Goal Setting

  • Write down daily/weekly/monthly goals
  • Then break them down with HOW you will achieve them
  • Vision boards with dates for your whole team
  • Set life goals too - not just business goals - health, spiritual, family, financial
  • Master your calendar - add no's to another day a week or two out (No does not mean no)
  • Must come out of the gate strong each month, stop procrastinating
  • Sign people up before someone else does - it's FREE
  • Set yourself up to reach your goals - get emotionally involved, listen to calls, participate with team, know your WHY, commitment, challenge, culture driven goals
  • Get out of your comfort zone - find someone who compliments your weaknesses and make each other your 'Accountability Partner"
  • Evaluate yourself each month - if we missed our goals - Why? - NEVER GIVE UP - NOBODY IS PERFECT AND MASTERS EVERY GOAL THEY SET OUT THE FIRST TIME!

Our team is very excited to help you achieve the goals you set out to achieve! We have built a team by duplicating the Information Funnel created for us. We take pride in the passion and positivity our team represents and would love to have you as a LEADER to run with us...







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Le-Vel Cloud Office

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