Virtual Learning and Technology

Week of March 9, 2015

Happening This Week

  • Happy Birthday to Terica today!!!!

  • This week I am traveling on Thursday and Friday. I will work with WMV on Thursday in Grand Rapids and then be in Holland for a Michigan Co-op meeting. Next week I am at MACUL in Detroit.

  • We have a tornado drill in the building on Tuesday at 1pm and a Lockdown Drill at 11 am on Wednesday.

  • Three weeks until spring break.

VA Items of Interest

  • I am working on some observations this week. I have scheduled them, so please be sure to check your email or calendar for dates and times.

  • I’m finishing up some tightening of the advertising this week. Ads should start to go out in 2 weeks.

  • I’m working on social media advertising for I should have something together by the end of this week.

VA To Do:

  • Sarah and Jennifer will need to work together this week to change any enrollment items for Elementary.

  • Jennifer and Rachel will need to work on some kind of interview and orientation process for our elementary students as well.

VA Upcoming Events

  • Count Period Ends and documentation due: March 17 (KEEP GETTING THOSE CONTACTS AND LOGINS!)

  • April 13, M-STEP Testing Begins.

  • April 8, ACT Aspire Testing for 9th Grade.

Tech Items of Interest

  • WMV is continuing to enroll. This morning, I am ordering another 100 computers. Please be ready.

Tech To Do

  • We have the installation for Alger Heights tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Please be sure to have all of your items ready to install.

Tech Upcoming Events

  • April 13, M-STEP Testing begins for all levels

  • April 8, ACT Aspire Testing for 9th Grade.