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Asch Experiment

Much like the Asch experiment, when we go to church everyone conforms. We just kind of go along with the right "Church answers" even if we don't necessarily believe them. We do this because it is considered the right thing to do

Zimbardo Experiment

I think the Zimbardo experiment could be shown in the opposite way. The walk in this evil person and, because they are at church, they suddenly want to be on their best behavior.

Milgram Experiment

I believe that this can relate to when the preacher gets on stage and starts to preach. The students really want to see what all this is about and the preacher wants to see how well you listen

self-serving bias - Self-serving bias refers to people's tendency to attribute positive outcomes to personal factors, but attribute negative outcomes to external factors. In other words, "If it's a success, it's because of me. If it's a failure, it's because of someone or something else."

I believe this happens in the church anytime. If the pastor does good that week then its all on him. If they do bad, it's God's fault or the rest of the Church's fault

fundamental attribution error - the tendency for an observer, when interpreting and explaining the behavior of another person (the actor), to underestimate the situation and to overestimate the personal disposition

I believe that this happens when the pastor believes he won't have a good turn out or he won't save anyone and that turns out not to be true

Groupthink - Essentially, people within a group become so consumed with the group, maintaining group cohesiveness, and doing what is important for the group that they themselves lose their ability to think independently and make good, sound judgments.

I don't think groupthink necessarily is a bad thing in the church. If you are being poured into with the right words and information and this becomes all your thoughts then you're necessarily not doing any wrong.