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November 20, 2020

Counting Our Blessings!

In the crazy, fast-paced world that we live in, we don’t always take the time to count our blessings. Personally, I can say that this year I am most grateful for the fact that MSA has a healthy school community! After all of the planning and preparations that were put in place to make our return to campus as safe as possible, it has been a relief to see how well our community accepted the challenges that came with this school year. While we have had several instances of possible exposure to COVID-19 outside of school, thanks to good communication, our increased cleaning, and our conservative health and safety protocols, we have had zero transmission of COVID-19 within our school. This has been the result of a team effort that includes teachers, students, administration, and parents. What a blessing!

As we prepare to celebrate all of our blessings, please remember that this year, holiday gatherings may be the very things that put us at increased risk for contracting COVID-19 (i.e., how 'just meeting a few friends' can become a super-spreader event). The unfortunate truth is that community and family gatherings have the potential to be COVID-19 super-spreading events. This has already been known to happen with weddings, birthday parties, funerals, church events, etc. (Just one example). Furthermore, the potential for exposure is even greater through the holidays if travel is involved, groups are indoors, and precautions are relaxed.

While we count our blessings, don’t forget that we are counting on each other to be vigilant over Thanksgiving to help keep our community healthy after Thanksgiving.

What should you do during Thanksgiving:

  • Wear masks

  • Social distance

  • Wash your hands

  • Make sure it’s well ventilated indoors

  • Have groups in open spaces outdoors

What should you do before returning to MSA:

  • Let us know if you have been in an environment considered high risk (e.g., airplanes, international travel, etc.)

  • Let us know if you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19

  • Let us know if you have any symptoms of COVID-19

We’re counting on you because we know you are counting on us!

BE POSITIVE YOU’RE NEGATIVE before returning to school!


Dr. Dana Hill


MSA Tigers and Gamecocks for People Bowl 4th Quarter Update:

Despite missing key players due to COVID-19 and recent changes in coaching staff, both teams gave it their all with the support of their loyal fans in the final quarter of the MSA People Bowl.

Clemson scored first taking it to the house on their first drive of the quarter. USC managed to match the points after their first drive to regain their three-point lead over the Tigers. Then Clemson turned right around and scored again letting the Gamecocks know that the game was not over. Despite all of the setbacks this year, the Gamecocks were playing for bragging rights and dug deep to rally one more time and scored a second TD against the Tigers putting them back on top by three. But in the end, it was Clemson with their “BYOG” (Bring Your Own Guts) determination who made the final game-winning touchdown! FINAL SCORE: Clemson 38, USC 34

The first MSA People Bowl has been a huge success! In total, we raised $580 for the AIM Food Pantry!!! A BIG THANK YOU to all of the Gamecock and Tiger fans who helped support their team and the mission of AIM to feed the hungry this holiday season and year-round! #MSATigersAndGamecocksTogether

In addition to the monetary donations, we are grateful for the donations of food items which will be part of the AIM Food Pantry Thanksgiving distribution next week. We have had a tremendous response from all programs across campus! #MSABagsOfBlessings #MSACommitmentToService #MSAThankful

See photos from this year's Thanksgiving Blessing below, and click here to view a gallery with many more photos.

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Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

November 23-24 - Remote learning day for K5-HS, extended day available for IT-UE

November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break, all programs closed

December 17 - Festival of Lights virtual tour - more information to follow

December 21 - January 1 - Winter Holidays, all programs closed

December Community Service Focus: Share the Warmth Tree

As the holiday season approaches, we look to the spirit of giving and service to others. Once again this year, MSA will be sponsoring the “Operation: Share the Warmth” Tree. This is a long standing MSA tradition and certainly, this year in particular with the impact of Covid the need for community support and service is great.

Here’s how the MSA "Share the Warmth" service project works. I will be placing a Christmas tree in the front office of the Montessori Administrative building during the Thanksgiving break. The Christmas tree will only have a ribbon on the top of tree and will be strung with holiday lights. Our students, families, and MSA classrooms are asked to provide the decorations. The decorations should consist of new mittens, gloves, socks, scarves and hats. If you have gently used jackets, coats and shoes they will gladly be accepted. Some of you may remember how beautiful the tree looked last year, all decked out in warm clothing finery!!!

The tree will remain on campus until December 18th when the school closes for the Winter Holiday. The items will then be donated to a local charity, Anderson Interfaith Ministries. This project allows our Montessori students and families to provide the basic need of warmth to those who may not have the ability to stay warm during the cold winter months.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!

Blessings and wishes of continued good health,

Susanna Merriman, RN

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Celebrating the Holidays Safely

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) has published this guide to celebrating the holidays safely. Click here or on the images below for a full-sized version.

Horticulture Harvests

These Lower Elementary students harvested turnips, lettuce, and mustard greens in horticulture class this week.
What's that, a Turnip?
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Primary Thanksgiving Blessing

The three Primary classrooms put together this Primary Thanksgiving Blessing video.
Primary Thanksgiving Blessing
Below are some photos of this week's Thanksgiving celebrations in Primary 3.
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Thanksgiving Math Breakout

Each of the Upper School Math classes from Pre-Algebra to Calculus combined to solve a math breakout in order to escape and enjoy their Thanksgiving breaks. The breakout consisted of a series of math puzzles related to topics each class has studied this year that helped the students discover how to unlock the locks hiding the key to their escape. See below for some pictures from the event and click here for more.
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Virtual Flag Ceremony Quote

This Upper Elementary student shares a quote and his interpretation of it for this week's virtual flag ceremony.
Virtual Flag Ceremony Quote of the Week

Wondering if the yearbook is happening this year? YES!


Masks. Elections. Virtual classes. This school year will be talked about forever. The yearbook is truly the most important keepsake from this remarkable time. Our yearbook program is working hard to put together a historic book that will be looked back upon to remember one of the most unpredictable school years of all time. Order today so we make sure there are enough copies for everyone -- click this link to order yours today!

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