Mrs. Fountain's P.A.W.S News

April 2017

Basic Language Skills objectives:

Concepts 60-66

Final Stable Syllables- tle (bottle), zle (puzzle), ckle (pickle), stle (castle)

Concept of Vowel-r syllable: er (fern), ir (bird), ur (turtle)

Extended Reading/Writing

Decodable text Wishes :"Pam is Free"- read with attention to punctuation and intonation

Comprehension question cards

Multisensory Grammar: Verbs, Subject/ Predicate, Noun Markers

Oral Language

Unit 15-Ocean

Unit 14- Camping

Create card pyramid

Write a narrative paragraph

Use comprehension cards to retell

End of the year information:

  • The LAST day for PAWS groups will be Tuesday, April 25th. We will celebrate all of your child's hard work this year with an ice cream party!
  • Academic Support teachers will begin AIMSweb end of the year testing on April 26th. We will send you an email to schedule our end of the year conferences in May.
  • I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and Happy Easter!