New France

the development of an identity

Information about new france

New France was in North America. It was colonized by a country named France. In 1534 it was discovered by Jacques Cartier and was expanded over the time it was still owned by France. The colonies inside New France include Canada, Newfoundland, Louisiana and Acadia. In New France one of the permanent settlements was Quebec. It was founded by Samuel de Champlain. Quebec was founded in the year 1608. Champlain helped a lot with New Frances development including becoming allies with the Algonquin, Montagnais and Huron people. While he helped he also made New France enemies with the Iroquois. New France fell in 1763 following the Treaty of Utrecht. The treaty gave Acadia to the British causing New Frances Fall.

Benefits of New France for French King

The King would have had more resources like land which could be used for farming (which provides food in the end). New France also provided resources like fish which could be sold for more money for the King. Another thing that the King got was money from taxes that were paid by people living in New France. From all the economy in New France the King would have gotten more money. The King would also be more well known because now he owns more land than before.

The Acadians

The Acadians are the descendants of French colonists that settled in New France in the 1700s. They mainly spoke French and developed the language by themselves. The changes in the French they spoke were not that much different from French spoken in the 17th century. They lived in Acadia for about 80 years in till the British gained control of the land. They then lived under British control for 45 years. During a war called the Seven Years' War the British thought that the Acadians were helping the French (their enemy). The British decided to expel the Acadians from Acadia. The Acadians (about 11 500 of them) went to places like France and Spain. Their are still Acadians today with more than 100 000 still alive and a majority of them living in North America.

The Seven Years' War

The Seven Years' War was a war that lasted for seven years. It took place from 1756-1763. It has many different names depending on location including the War of the Conquest, the French and Indian war, the Pomeranian war, and the Third Carnatic war. Many countries fought or were affected by the war with Britain and France being the main countries in the war. The British won the war and got a big part of New France for it. The war ended with the Treaty of Paris which gave most of the land taken over during the war back to its owners (Britain got to keep the big part of New France they got). Frances defeat affected its allies which included Spain, Austria, and Russia.

How all this affects us today

All of that affects us today because now we have more than 1 cultural identity in present day Canada instead of only 1. They are English and French. It also affects us today because we have French Canadians from New France here today. Another thing that was affected by New France is the Constitution of Canada which was partially shaped by the New France government.