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What's in the Bag

I never thought I'd live to see the day that I'd say, "I love the smell of Patchouli!"...essential oil, that is. The mere thought would make most cringe- but this is not the commercial, alcohol-laced perfumed fragrance we are accustomed to turning up our noses at. Patchouli in the plant form is part of the mint family- who knew!! For centuries, Eastern medicine used it to fight infection, cool fevers and as an antidote for snake and insect bites. This oil is a digester of toxic material in the body; it may also help with skin issues and acne. The smell....oh the smell, is sedating, calming and relaxing (no- NOT STINKY) It's an amazing addition to skin moisturizers and eczema creams or try diffusing it with Lavender or Bergamot for a relaxing state of mind. Crazy, I know!!
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Not all oil brands are created equal

I can not stress enough just how important it is to know the what, when and where of your essential oils- especially if you plan to ingest them! Young Living Essential oils has an open-door policy at their farms, where literally you can watch the harvest process from soil to bottle- with nothing to hide. I can get behind that. Read labels...look for the guarantee. If there's an expiration date- run! All-natural doesn't expire- bit fillers do. Read.
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Consider Oregano Oil instead of Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

Oregano Essential Oil is considered a very powerful alternative to modern pharmaceutical medicine. Read on to find out how this simple herb can pack a powerful punch!

Why Oregano Essential Oil is One of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to SCIENCE

Oregano Oil is an extraordinarily powerful natural anti-biotic. Oregano has been found in a recent study to be significantly better than all of the 18 currently used…


Need another reason to take the plunge and buy a new Premium Starter kit...this month a FREE bottle of Oregano will accompany each new kit purchased. Win-win! Oct 1-31st. Want to sign up- click the link below:
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More chem-free cleaning ideas

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Thieves Cleaner Wipes Recipe

Here's something to replace Clorox wipes! Ah-ha, finally!
To make:
2 cups of distilled water
1 capful of Thieves cleaner
200 coffee filters
Put all the liquid and filters in a container

Let the filters soak up the solution and store

One more way to eliminated harsh chemicals from the household

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Young Living is offering these 3 oils and a 5ml lavender vitality oil for any new Essential Rewards (ER) members! All you have to do is sign up for Essential Rewards and place a 100product volume order between October 7 and October 31st.
If you are not on Essential Rewards, you are missing out on FREE product. Every month, you earn points that can be redeemed for products of your choice... Save them up or spend them right away! Need help signing up... I'm happy to help!

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Step TWO: Click on QUICK ORDER (found on the left-hand column)

Step THREE: Search the product you want and add to cart


Want to stay in touch?

Let's be honest, this has been a crazy busy year- can I get an Amen?! I haven't done the things I've wanted to do, had the oil parties I've wanted to have. It's been a tough! So as I stare down the eyes of my already over-worked calendar, I know I am not alone in my struggle to stay afloat. A healthy lifestyle is about the 'whole' body- mind, body, spirit. I've got a couple of these almost nailed... and the rest is a work in progress. But, I consciously reach for my oils daily- for my kids, for me...for our well-being. Because this is what I believe in for my family! Each time I answer a "HELP!" question, or sit down to (finally) type out my newsletter, I get rejuvenated with the idea...this is the time, this is the month, this is the year- for someone else to do a few simple changes to their lifestyle that will start a chain-reaction!! Be. The. One.

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