DCSD Digital Learning Day 2016

Highlighting the Teachers and Students in Darlington County!

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What Is Digital Learning Day?

Started in 2012, Digital Learning Day has provided a powerful venue for education leaders to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes.

Lizabeth Thompson (MST)

This is an independent reading activity for a senior English student. She made a movie trailer for the novel The Poisonwood Bible. In it, she covered conflicts, characterization, and motifs.
The Poisonwood Bible

Hanna Hanlin (PES)

Ms. Hanlin's 2nd grade students used the BaiBoard app to collaborate about Internet safety.
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Michelle Grantham - CES

Mrs. Grantham's class connected with Mrs. Goodwin's (BES) class and played a Kahoot together through Google Hangouts. Her students used Schoology to view videos and songs about a decimal lesson we had done the day before. They viewed these independently with headphones as they finished their math test.

Rhett Hughes (DHS)

The picture is part two of an ongoing project that spans 3 units. Students have used Google Docs to create a nation - complete with type of gov't, Dec of Ind, and soon a Constitution. They also used Pages to create a flag for their nation and Schoology to receive the project info and submit their work.
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Spencer Tyner (BES) - Integration and Collaboration

Suzie Goodwin (BES)

Students used a QR code to access website on African American Inventors. The students then read and took notes about 1 inventor. They then made a popplet about the inventor, including the birthdate, invention, a picture, and death or current occupation.

Darlington County School District - Technology Department

Diane B. Sigmon, Directory of Technology

Carla M. Jefferson, Instructional Technology Coordinator