Courageous people

Nelson Mandela's Lifetime Highlights

First, Nelson Mandela was born in July 18, 1918. He had then in 1925 started attending a Primary school. Five years later in 1930 his father had died. As he grew older he attended a few universitys and even got expelled from one. After he graduated he started to go to African National Congress meetings. Later he was elected the national secretary of the African National Congress Youth League. Next he was arrested for going against the Suppression of Communism Act and went to jail. He had to do hard labour. He had the courage to keep fighting for people’s rights. Later he was arrested again and the ANC was banned. He left his country in 1962 for military training and was sent to jail for 5 years for leaving without a passport. In 1964 he was sent to jail for life.He had the courage to keep working in jail against white minority rule. He got out of jail in the 1980s and in 1994 he became president of south africa. In 2013 he died but he always had the courage to fight for equality.

Moses's successful and courageous life

Just like Nelson Mandela and the Orphan Train riders Moses escaped from an adversity. He had courage throughout his journey. He had escaped the slavery in Egypt and had led his people out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. Moses was born in Egypt and, he was supposed to be drown in a river because he was Hebrew. Hebrews were slaves in Egypt. They were drowned so that no Hebrew could grow up and fight against the Egyptian Pharaoh. Moses's mother saved him by putting him in a basket in the Nile River. An Egyptian found the baby Moses and raised him. Eventually Moses’s new father became the new Pharaoh. He grew up remembering his roots and was sensitive about the Hebrew people. Once he saw an Egyptian beating up a Hebrew so he killed the Egyptian. He was afraid his Pharaoh father would punish him so he fled. He grew up as a man becoming a shepherd when he heard a voice from a bush telling him he was the chosen one to get the Israel children out of Egypt.

Choosing a new life and searching for the past

At least 30,000 kids were homeless and were in orphan trains trying to find a home. Some kids were chosen a new set of parents, while other kids were in search of their parents that left them. Some kids were assigned mean parents that didn’t take care of them and treated them like servants. Many kids had gotten nice parents that took care of them. For example, in the book Orphan Train Rider there were kids that didn’t have good parents and were told to do all chores and were treated like servants rather than children. They didn’t have homes and were trying to find homes in orphan trains. Others tried to find their parents that had left them. Both sets of kids were courageous because they did not give up to find a home, when they couldn’t find anyone. They both just wanted to be loved by someone.