Latin America project

Background information

The capital of gautemala is gautemala city. Major cites of gautemala is petapa,villa nueva,villa canales. Gautemala was controlled by Spain but gained independence on September 15, 1821. gautemala is no longer controlled by Spain. The offical language of gautemala is spanish

Geographical information

Gautemala is north El Salvador and Honduras

Three physical features of gautemala are the mopan river,Sierra de Los cuchumatanas,Lagos de izabal lake.

Pictures of physical features of gautemala

These all are tourist attractions

Political and diplomacy imformation

Gautemala's goverment is constitutional democratic republic

Gautemala's president is otto perez Molina

Gautemala bis on good terms with countries like USA,el Salvador,Honduras,Mexico,Nicaragua,China,Colombia

Water fall in gautemala

Economic and trade information


Economic system:capitalism

Gautemala imports things like:fuels,machinery,and transport equipment,grain,fertilizer,chemical products. They import from places like:usa,Mexico,China,el savador,Colombia.

Gautemala exports things like:coffee,sugar,petroleum,appeal,bananas,fruits,and vegtables.

They exports goods to usa,el savador,Honduras,mexico,Nicaragua.

Tourist information

People should visit because it has amazing views of the volcanos smoking,has great weather,great food,world class coffee,ancient ruins to wonder

People should the tourists see and do:see ancient Mayan ruins,lay out on the beach,have some world class coffee,watch Santiago mountains spew smoke and have little eruptions

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