Madigasgan Hissing Cockroach

Adriana P

Life Cycle

The cockroaches start as an egg and stays an egg for 1 week. Then it molts 2 times. Then it becomes an adult.


The mother cockroach can lay up to 30 to 60 eggs. The mother can give live birth.
The eggs are white if the mother gives really birth.


The cockroaches body parts. They have antlers that help the cockroach smell. The legs help cockroaches walk. The stomach helps it carry its food.

Different kinds of cockroaches

1. The winged cockroach
2. The african cockroach
3. The madigascan cockroach hisses
4. The death head cockroach can make a human really sick


The madagascan cockroach can eat paper and dirt and leaves and dead animals.
Any kind of cockroach can eat other insects.