My Family

Melody Gerving

This is my family. My dad (Josh Gerving) is an Electrision. He works Monday through Friday . He goes to work about 6:45 an comes home about 3:00 every week day. Sometimes he works on Saturdays , but that does not happed often . My mom (Darlene Gerving)works from home, she does medical billing. It is really confusing so I don't really know how it works. But since she works from home she does her work whenever she can. Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays. Whenever she has time. They meet at a store and decided to date I guess,and then got married.

After they got married they had me!(Melody Gerving)I am currently eleven, and in the 6th grade. My favorite things to do is, play on my phone, facetime friends, and to watch my favorite YouTuber (LDshadowlady) play minecraft and a lot of he times die.

Three years later my parents had my brother Luke, Luke is currently eight and in the 2nd grade . He loves to play with Legos and watch Lego videos. He also likes to play baseball.

Exactialy three more years later my parents had my smallest brother Rudy. Rudy is currently six and in kindergarten. He likes to play sports and play games on the Xbox. A couple years later, I think I was eight.

My parents decided to adopt. They started going to classes so they could have permission to adopt a kid. It took like a year to go to all the classes but they finally finished. When they where done a lady at the adoption senter told my parents there was a five year old girl waiting to be adopted. I am pretty sure she was five but moving on, Once my parents heard they wanted to meet her right away. So one night my parents went out and left us to stay at home with our nana watching us.When they came back they told us all about her . Her name is Robin she has dirty blond hair and would love to live with us. So then a couple days later all of us got into the van to see this girl. We drove really far but i guess it was worth it. Once we got to her temporarly house she walked out the door got in the van and we drove off to her favorite restraint.I remember helping her with her with her seat belt she was really shy at first but once we got to know her she became very hipper . She would come and visit once and a while then it was the day. We drove in our big van all the way too get her then we drove down town to the court was really boring there but then years later(actually minutes) the lady finally hit her hammer and got down from her seat to take pictures with us at the court house . Robin then finally moved in with us and we seat up her own room and colored it bright pink. She is now very annoying and definatly not shy

.About two years later we did the same thing with koby.My parents did not have to take classes but they did have to go meet koby and drive a long ways to see him. Same with robin every time koby came to our house he would become less and less shy.We finally went to court and brought koby officially home with us. Over the years I have noticed that robin loves to paint her nails and bug people ,haha just kidding (No im not:)but she loves to paint her nails and go shopping. Koby likes to play sports and play outside with friends.This is my family.