Frito Lay

Cory and Tanner

Frito Lays mission

At Frito-Lay, we’re all about good fun — from making tasty snacks to get your party started to taking care of our 50,000 employees who know how to find the fun in everyday challenges. As a proud member of the PepsiCo family, Performance with Purpose is what we work to achieve every day. And to us, that means creating the high-quality snacks our fans deserve, while caring for our people, communities and the environment we share.

Career Opportunities

Career number 1: Rutes Sales Representative

Career number 2: Direct Sales Leader

Career number 3: Operations Manager

Career number 4: Sales Representative

Career number 5: Driver- Bay Truck Delivery

Job Description

Direct Sales Leader:

-assures skill transfer in preparation for a district sales leader position


- bachelors degree

- 3-5 years prior knowledge

- Food Safety Associate

- People management, Safety, Customer Service and compliance.
- Cost savings and cost avoidance.

- Hard headed old school people on the floor
- Production results