Carl Jung

Developmental Theorist

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"The word happiness would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness" -Carl Jung

He founded analytical psychcology

Proposed and developed the concepts of extroverted and introverted personalities. Ended up creating a special type of therapy, Jungian therapy, which deals with dreams and fantasies.


Jung says that symbol creation is important in understanding human nature. Symbols are everywhere humans have been and every concepts human have created

Dream Interpretation

He was influenced by Freud and later on developed his own theory. Freud interpret dreams on the object, while Jung interprets them on the subject level. This means that the dream reveals some features of the individual psychological life. Another difference between Freud and Jung is their approach. Freud approaches dreams in a retrospective while Jungs approach is prospective meaning that it maps the dreamer's future psychological evolution towards a more balanced relationship between ego and self.

Application to teens

The ways that this applies to teens is that the dreams that teens have will reflect on their psychological level and on the feelings that they have.