The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

Revolutionary Experiences shared by John Boyne


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas investigates a 9-year-old boy named Bruno. Bruno, a curious and genuine child, moves to a new home in Auschwitz because of his father's lead position in the Nazi movement. Missing his friends, grandparents, and colleagues, Bruno pursues his life at Auschwitz. Given curiosity, Bruno discovers a tall, steel fence. There he meets Shmuel- a Jewish boy from Poland who shares the same date of birth as Bruno. Bruno doesn't realize that Shmuel is in a concentration camp, and when Shmuel allows Bruno to come under the fence to help find Shmuel's father, the situation puts itself onto a fatal collision course.
The Boy In the Striped Pajamas trailer

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The Holocaust remains known as the most gruesome manslaughter in our modern day society. 6,000,000 Jewish people lost their lives in this struggle. Starved, unclothed, and eliminated, everyone knew someone who had died in the Holocaust- whether a friend, an uncle, a neighbor... Please visit the site below to be transferred to the United States Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C.