Padbury CPS Newsletter

Issue #5 - 23 April 2021

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Please check the community calendar for upcoming and future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


Dear Parents

Welcome to Term Two! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and a relaxing and restful holiday with your families.

This year is a very special year. Did you know that it is the Year of St Joseph. Pope Francis describes St Joseph as a “beloved father, a tender and loving father, an obedient father, an accepting father; a father who is creatively courageous, a working father, a father in the shadows’’. Pope Francis says St Joseph “has helped us see more clearly the importance of “ordinary” people who, though far from the limelight, exercise patience and offer hope every day. In this, they resemble Saint Joseph, the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence, who nonetheless played “an incomparable role in the history of salvation.”

This year we celebrate 50 Years of Catholic Education in WA as part of the CEWA system and we also celebrate the rich 200-year history of Catholic Education in Australia. In celebration of our 50th and 200th years, Mrs Hutcheson and I will be taking a small group of students to a special mass at St Mary’s Cathedral this term. Earlier in the year there was a special gathering with Principals and CEWA staff celebrating being part of our wonderful CEWA system here in the west.

As part of our Strategic Plan and Annual School Improvement Plan, we are enriching the Mercy charism at PCPS. One of the ways in which we are doing this is by learning about the Mercy Values:

Mercy: Be thoughtful, warm and respectful in all you do and say

Compassion: Show you care for others in your words and actions

Justice: Treat everyone fairly and equally

Dignity: Show respect to everyone – we are all made in the image of God

Excellence: Always be your best and do your best

Hospitality: Be welcoming, friendly and inclusive in all you say and do

Stewardship: Let us take care of everything God has given us

Service: Make a positive difference in the life of others

Our Mercy Value Banners, for the Hall, are currently being designed so once they are up, the staff can commence referring to them with the children. There will also be mini versions of the Mercy Value banners for all classrooms/learning areas so that they can easily be referred to during the day.

Classroom teachers will commence giving out our Mercy Value Awards at the final assembly of each term. These Awards are very special and only 8 children per year level from PP-6 class will receive them each year.

Also as part of our enriching the Mercy charism, our Year 3-6 children will be going on a Mercy excursion to Mercedes College in the city. The College is hosting a special day to commemorate 175 years since the College was founded by Sister of Mercy, Ursula Frayne, in 1846. This College is the oldest school operating on its original site in Australia and marks the founding location of Catholic education. The children will learn about the mercy Sisters, in particular Ursula Frayne, have a tour of the Mercy Convent as well as participate in, an interactive class experience and a quest activity.

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Next Tuesday we will having an ANZAC Day ceremony at school led by our Year Six leaders. ANZAC Day provides an opportunity to remember the many Australians who have been killed in all conflicts and all those who have returned home, many seriously affected physically and emotionally. While ANZAC Day is a time to remember, it is also a day where we reflect on being more tolerant, appreciate mateship, and ensure equality and a commitment to inclusivity.

On Friday May 7 from 7.45-8.45am we will be having our Mother’s day morning tea hosted by our lovely P&F. Due to COVID we will need to hold this outside on the grassed area near the hall ensuring that the 2sqm rule is in place. If it is raining, then the backup plan will be a combination of the hall and undercover area. Following this will be the Mother’s Day Assembly at 9am in the Hall presented by Year One. We can have lots of mums and grandmas staying to watch, as there will be plenty of room in the hall with required spacing.

The recent changes to Covid restrictions have approved venues with fixed seating to permit 100% occupancy. This includes places of worship such as our parish. This means that during our sacramental programme families will be able to invite as many guests as they wish with no restrictions. In a school setting, we are still required to follow the two square metre rule for indoor events. The following procedures will continue to be in place:

· Classes from Pre-Kindy to Year 6 open their doors at 8.30am. Parents are welcome to come into the classroom however please note that 10 parents may be in the classroom at a time now. Please be aware of all families wishing to spend time in the classroom and share this time accordingly.

· This term teachers may invite a few more parent helpers into the classroom and even more who can assist outside under the veranda or outside in another part of the school eg listening to reading, making resources, helping small groups of children etc. If there are groups of parents helping outside, the school will be fine with the 2sqm regulation however please remember the 1.5 distancing regulation.

· All parents/carers entering classrooms are required to sanitise their hands utilising one of the many dispensers around the school/classrooms; sign in at the office if on roster and maintain safe social distancing.

· We welcome parents to share in our class liturgies and masses (following the 2sqm metre regulation and social distancing). Please check the online calendar for dates of your child’s liturgy.

· Assemblies will be continuing as we did in Term 1 with parents invited to the Merit Assemblies if their child is receiving an award.

· All parents and family members are welcome to the Performance and Prayer Assemblies (with COVID regulations being adhered to) as buddy classes only will be in the hall, with the assembly streamed to the classrooms. The latter enables no restriction on parents and family members, such as grandparents, to come and watch their child’s assembly.

Pre Kindy and Kindy 2022, 2023 and future years enrolment interviews are currently taking place. If you have a child who is due for Pre Kindy or Kindy, please ensure that your application has been received by the office so that you have a place secured. If you have friends and neighbours with children in these age brackets, please encourage them to view our school website and submit an application.

Tuesday Pre Kindy 2022 is filling up quickly with only a couple of spaces left. Due to the huge popularity of the programme, if we have enough numbers, we will commence a second Pre Kindy class on Thursdays from the beginning of the year. If you are interested in doing both days from the beginning of the year, please let Mrs Ellen know in the office.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Mrs Margaret Williamson




Save the Date!

Our first PCPS Family Mass will be held on Sunday 16th May at 11:00am at Our Lady of the Mission Church. Please place the date in your diary. More information can be found below in the P&F section of this Newsletter.


Confirmation is fast-approaching. Please keep our Year 6 students in your prayers as they prepare to receive this Sacrament. Year 6 teachers will be sending out more information at the start of next week regarding Parent-Student workshops and Confirmation Mass times.

A reminder the Parent-Student workshop for PCPS families will be held in Week 4 on Wednesday 12 May (times TBA). This is on the Community Calendar.



A reminder that NAPLAN Online Testing will occur in Week 4 each morning from Tuesday-Friday. There are four tests which will be done in the following order:

Tuesday - Writing

Wednesday - Reading

Thursday - Conventions of Language & Spelling

Friday - Numeracy

The students completed a practice online test earlier this week to get used to the online testing environment and they all handled it perfectly. If you have any queries about NAPLAN please contact your classroom teacher or Mr vB.

Cyber Safety Parent Presentation

We already have a large number of RSVP's for the Paul Litherland Cyber Safety Parent Presentation. This evening is open to all PCPS parents.

Please read the flyer below and then complete the RSVP form below that if you have not yet already done so.

We look forward to seeing as many PCPS parents there as possible, as this is such an important topic in the lives of our children and families.

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Surf Online Safe - Paul Litherland Parent Presentation

Wednesday, May 5th, 6:30-8pm

Padbury Catholic Hall

This Parent Presentation will be held in the Hall. It is Free.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Thought for the Week

Welcome back to Term Two! We hope you had an enjoyable break with your family.

Mr Ryan von Bergheim & Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principals


Before School Supervision

Before school supervision commences at 8.15am in the Undercover Area. Children must not be on the school site prior to 8.15am. If children are on school site from 8.15am, they must wait in the Undercover Area with the teacher on supervision. Classroom teacher supervision begins at 8.30am when classrooms are opened. Children should arrive at school in good time so that they have fifteen minutes to prepare for the day and unpack bags. Children should go immediately to their classroom when they arrive at school after 8.30am and not leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission. At the end of the day, teacher supervision concludes at 3.20pm. If you need to drop your child off earlier than 8.15am then please contact OSH Club (Before School Care).

Choir News

🎶 Choir for Boys and Girls in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Tuesdays 8:15 in the hall.

🎶 Stick Rehearsal.....Interested Year 6 Boys and Girls Wednesdays 8:15 in the hall.

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher

Performing Arts Festival

The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic schools provides the opportunity for the children to experience the spirit and tradition of performing arts.

There are many sections to choose from this year. Students may wish to perform by submitting a video or live on stage at the venue offered. Check the following website for information tap on Performing Arts Festival and then go to the section that interests your child.

Entries need to be submitted to me by 9th May.

Solo instrumental and vocal entries....$18 or $9 for video submission.

Speech and Drama....$20 or $10 for video submission.

Duologues are $32 or $16 for video submission.

For further information contact me in person or by email.

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher



We are having a Baby Boom at PCPS!

Congratulations to the Ciullo family on the birth of baby Tomas last term, a brother for Ellia (Pre Kindy).

Congratulations to the the Knox family on the birth of baby Kai last term, a brother for Mae (Kindy).

Congratulations to the the Wall family on the birth of baby Ella last term, a sister for Harrison (Year One) and Jake (Kindy).

Congratulations to the the Staltari family on the birth of baby Ivy Rose last term, a sister for Noah (Pre Primary) and Elijah (Yr 4).



This year we will be offering the Rainbows and Seasons for Growth programs at PCPS.

Groups will commence this term so this is the FINAL call out for any interested participants.

Both of these programs are peer support programs designed especially for children who are experiencing painful transitions, such as a separation, divorce, death or a parent working away (FIFO). This program can also benefit children who have moved from other countries, states or schools.

When something significant happens in a family, the whole family is affected. Even though death or divorce or separation can appear to be a grown-up problem, it does have an effect on the children it touches. Children, because of their age and young life experiences may find it difficult to verbalise their feelings. Rainbows and Seasons provide a safe and confidential place to address these feelings.

A parental consent form with additional information is available from the front office. Please complete and return this form via email or drop off at the front office by then commencement of week 2 Forms can be returned to the front office or via email to

Once groups are finalised and ready to commence parents and careers and the children will be notified.

If you need any more information, please feel free to email or make an appointment to see me. My email contact details are I am available at school on a Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs Ali Fisher

Social Worker


This Week's Focus: How to help your kids be responsible digital citizens

Over the holidays I came across this online article "How to help your kids be responsible digital citizens, from a tech exec (and mom)" which relates to setting some groundrules for kids when they have devices. Here is a short synopsis:

"When you give a child their first smartphone, don’t send them into the digital world unprepared. Here’s a look at the three-page agreement that technology executive Jennifer Zhu Scott asked her kids to sign when they got their phones, complete with some advice that adults should consider following, too."

The full article link is here:

Mr vB

Assistant Principal


Family Mass

We warmly invite all families to celebrate a special family mass at Our Lady of the Mission on Sunday, May 16 at 11.00am. At this mass the families from PCPS will be participating in all parts of the Mass along with the parish community. We would love expressions of interest from any children or parents to attend, sing, play a musical instrument, read, do the offertory procession, etc. Please click HERE register your interest

We will be in touch soon regarding your role and a practise before the Mass. Please note there will be 2 practises on May 7 and May 14 at 3pm in the school Prayer Room. If you or your child would like to play guitar at the Mass, please email ASAP to register your interest. Parents and children welcome.

There will be a sausage sizzle after Mass in the parish hall, with sausages and icy poles provided for all families. We would love some volunteers to help with this as well, so please add your name if you are able.

Please mark Sunday, May 16, 11am on your calendar, and we hope to see as many PCPS families as possible celebrating this special Mass.

Emma Marpole, Nat Bullen, Liz de Haas and Kate Allen

PCPS Parish Family Mass co-ordinators



Parish Update

Mass Times

All Masses are held in the Church

Saturday - 8:30am; 6:30pm

Sunday - 8:00am; 9:30am; 11:00am; 5:45pm

Monday to Friday - 7:00am; 9:00am

24:7 Youth Group

For all youth in Years 6 to 12

1st and 3rd Friday @ Parish Hall, 7pm

Call Luke 0401822932 for more information.

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Parish Website :


Walk for Women's Cancer

Dear PCPS community

Cancer has touched each and every one of our lives in some shape or form be it parents, siblings, our children or our friends. A group of mums from Year 6 and Year 4, along with some former Padbury CPS mums have committed to participate in the Perkins Institute 35 km Walk for Women’s Cancer on Saturday 29th May. All funds raised go towards research at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

If this is something that is close to your heart please support our walkers in the team. Donations can be made at search ‘Coast Busters’ under teams. Every dollar helps, no donation too small.

We are also doing a fund raising Sausage Sizzle on Sunday 25 April at Wanneroo Bunnings 12-4pm. If you are in the area or have some Bunnings projects over the weekend come along and meet the team.

Thankyou for your support

Gina McEntee, Raf Rogers, Janine O’ Shea, Beck Kish, Kate Allen, Julie Bertolucci, Liggia Alvarado, Clare Ogden, Marina Deans and Vilma Hall

Walk For Women's Cancer Team

Ladies Night Market Stall

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