Ethel Waters

Aidan Thomas

Ethel Waters was a historic musician that lived in the early-mid 1900's. She was a very good Jazz artist and actor. She was also the first women to sing the "Saint Louis Blues." So overall Ethel Waters was a very famous artist and sang great Jazz music.


Ethel Waters was Born: 1896 Died: 1977. And she was a famous Jazz singer, actor. Ethel Waters was the first person to sing the "Saint Louis Blues". And Ethel Waters was an amazing Jazz singer. Later she even acted in movies. Ethel waters was brave because she started singing on the big stage when she was 17. Ethel Waters was also confident because she sang Jazz, went to nightclubs, and eventually acted in movies. And also one of her quotes was "as a kid I always wanted to sing and here I am standing on the stage."


Overall Ethel Waters was one really amazing Jazz singer/actress and she is a big part of music/film history.