with Adam Sandler

Aftermath is a game show where contestants view funny internet clips and guess the endings. Contestants earn money for each correct guess. If they guess wrong, they lose all the money they have earned!

Who is on the show?

Hosted by Adam Sandler. Contestants are people from the audience.

Who will watch?

You! Anyone who likes funny internet clips. Do you like to see people fall off roofs? Or people in ridiculous predicaments? Then you will like this show. Many viewers will be teens and young adults who are familiar with youtube and viral videos.

How does it work?

A contestant is chosen randomly from the audience. The first video clip is shown, but the ending is not displayed. Adam Sandler will give the contestant three choices of possible endings for the clip. The contestant chooses an answer. If he is right, he wins 50 dollars. The amount of money increases, as the clips become more difficult. At any time, the contestant can choose to walk away with their money. If they guess wrong, they lose all their winnings.

How does it end?

At the end of every episode, Adam Sandler says, "Tune in next time to see more stupid people!"