Week #5 Images

Copyright, Flickr and Some examples for Use

Learning about Flickr

Flickr is an excellent photo-sharing resource! It can be used to:
  • help students find copyright-friendly images for presentations
  • share photos of student projects, productions, field trips, etc.
  • get inspired by what other schools are doing
  • Help students explore places and current issues through photos

Art Analysis, Vocab and Critique of Classmates' Work

Using the Add a Note feature, students can demonstrate their understanding of vocabulary. By utilizing the Comments section, students can engage in critiques and discussions about each others' work.
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Scientific Labeling

Using the Add a Note feature again, students can identify science components from an image.
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Creative Commons Licensing

View the 5 minute video below to learn all about how Creative Commons licensing works!
Creative Commons License and how it helps us share digital content.