welcome to the voyager missions

by matthew baume

When did the voyager mission begin?

  • voyager 1 and 2 was launched more than 37 years ago in 1977.
  • They both completed their missions in 1989 but did not stop there.
  • They gave the 110 % when they reached interstellar space in 2015.

What did the voyager 1 accomplish

  • Voyager 1 accomplished flying by Jupiter and Saturn.
  • After the main mission voyager 1 starts VIM (voyager interstellar mission) this project means that voyager 1 and 2 will try to go into interstellar space.
  • In February of 2015 voyager 1 made it to interstellar space making this the farthest any other spacecraft has traveled.

What did voyager 2 accomplish

  • Voyager 2 accomplished flying by Uranus and Neptune making this still the only spacecraft ever to have gone there.
  • After that mission voyager 2 gets involved in the VIM project, starting a little behind.
  • By February of 2015 voyager 2 has not intered interstellar space but is currently in the helioshealth.

Super duper fun facts

  • Did you know that on February of 2015 that voyager 1 was 19.5 billion kilometers from earth and voyager 2 was 16 billion kilometers from earth.
  • The spacecrafts have enough fuel and energy to last till 2020.
  • Did you know that voyager 2 was launched before voyager 1.

What is The golden record

  • The golden record was carried by voyager 1 and was a 12 inch gold record.
  • This record can speak all the languages in the world.
  • This record can also mimic a lot of different animal sounds.


Interstellar space- means the space between the stars.

Helioshealth- The region far from the termination shock in this place the winds are slow and compressed and turbulent.

Message to Voyager: Welcome to Interstellar Space
Voyager Reaches Interstellar Space


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