Disenfranchisement and segregation

Andrew Dang/Kendell Collins

Disenfranchisement is to take the right to vote away from someone or a group of certain people
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Segregation is to separate by race.

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How it was used.

The 15th amendment gave African Americans the right to vote.The state couldn't disenfranchise them outright.Instead they passed a law that technically applied to everyone,but had the consequence of making it harder for African Americans and poor whites to register and vote

Bulloch County court house.

In courthouses throughout the state,county officials enforced laws aimed at keeping African Americans from voting
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Literacy Test

Literacy test was a test that was given to a person to make sure they can read and right before being allowed to register and vote

Grandfather Clause

It was a provision allowing former confederate soldiers and their male descendants to vote without having to take a literacy test.

Poll Tax

Poll tax was the tax on the right to vote.At one time Georgians had to pay a yearly tax of $1 to vote.