Come To Texas

Malik Mohamedali

Our great Texas land

Hello Anglo Americans, come and buy land in Texas, where the soil and crops are fertile and rich and the climate is unbeatable anywhere else with it's constantly changing weather suck as hot and sunny to humid, yet rainy; a great place to farm and raise crops

land payment

We know the U.S demands the expensive cost of $1.25, but now, we are here to offer you land at the low price of just 12.5 cents a piece, A great deal for land.

colonist requirements

To become a proud Texas colonist, all you have to do is pledge your loyalty and allegiance to mexico, become a Mexican citizen, promise to be catholic, and follow the Mexican rules that apply in Texas

Land policy

Colonists shall receive 1 acre per payment of 12.5 cents, farmers will receive a labor ,or 177 acres of land, and cattle raisers will receive a sitio, or 4,428 acres of land. these are known as land titles