Friday Flyer



Broken Arrow Family Bravos - Ms. Meyer, Ms. Renk, Mrs. Walthall, and Ms. Hoy:

I can not even begin to adequately express my gratitude for Kathy Meyer. She has been the second-grade teacher for all three of my children and has made such a positive impact on each of them. For our third and final round with Ms. Meyer, my second grader has needed extra care. Ms. Meyer has provided my child with unofficial accommodations and made observations and recommendations to help him be more successful at school. She has spent her personal time coming up with ideas to help him and filling out seemingly endless paperwork all so my child can receive the support he needs to be successful. It takes a special person to put in extra effort to help a child with difficult needs thrive, and that's exactly what Ms. Meyer does. My child loves his teacher and she is very special to him. Although I look forward to summer, it signals the end of our time with Ms. Meyer and we will miss her dearly. She has been such a positive presence in my child's life and I am so grateful for the time they have had together.

Ms. Renk, you stand out in the cold every morning and help us safely cross to the entrance. You always give us a smile and a good morning, and it is a really nice way to start the day. You are appreciated. Thank you.

Michelle is a rockstar and we love her like family. Thank you for everything you do, Michelle, and know we appreciate you daily.

My son loves Kindergarten with Ms. Hoy. He draws pictures of her :). Ms. Hoy gave him a beautiful quilt for Christmas, and he sleeps with it every night. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME, MS. HOY!

Want To Make a Teacher Cry Happy Tears?

Our goal is typically not to make teachers cry, but I can tell you that some of these Bravos have been incredibly valued by our staff members.

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Reminder: We do not have school February 7th!


Because Valentines Day falls on a Monday and to make it more inclusive, we will be having Friendship Parties on Friday, February 11th! Individual classroom teachers will be sending out more information!