Sir Walter Raleigh

By Joe Hernandez

Sir Walter Raleigh was born in 1554. His hometown is London. His career involved him being an Elizabeth explorer, writer and a soldier. His nationality was English. He died in 1618,
Sir Walter Raleigh sailed to America. He found a colony which is no called North Carolina. He also found an islan near North Carolina. The people that financed his voyages were Thomas Harriet, Richard Hakluyt and John White. He was aided with Queen Elizabeths help and protected from enemies from the Queens Knights.
Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded, under a sentence brought him 15 years earlier for conspiracy against King James 1. He was locked up because Queen Elizabeth found out his secret relationship to to another woman called Bessy Throckmorton. After Elizabeth died, Ralph was impleated as a foe of King James 1. He was sentenced to a death sentence.
He was so famous because he colonized an lost colony of Roake Island. He also found North Carolina. He achieved making a colony, that was the only thing he wanted to do.
Sir Walter Raleigh English explorer


I would wanna be with Sir Walter Raleigh. I would want to travel with him to North America. I would want to travel with him there so i could see all these new things. Also he found an island near north Carolina i could of been apart of that and got famous. Also wealthy. Our voyages were paid for so i wouldn't have to pay lots of money. Sir Walter Raleigh was very close to Queen Elizabeth so more money could be coming my way and i would have protection from different explores and enemies. Since he colonized the island close to north Carolina he got famous and if i would of been with him i could of been there to help colonize the island.