Claudette Colvin



Claudette Colvin was born in September 5, 1939. She was adopted by by C.P. Colvin and Mary Ann Colvin. When Claudette was 4 years old she and her mother were in a retail store and few white boys came in and asked to compare hands but her mother would not let her touch them. When Claudette was a bit older she studied very hard and was a good student. She also wanted to be president when she got older.

Civil Rights Movement

Claudette was in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the bus boycott was when every black person in Montgomery didn’t ride the bus so that the buses would soon run out of money and the judges would have to desegregate the bus systems. One day when she was taking the bus back to her house a white woman came on so Claudette and a pregnant woman sitting next to her would have to move. When the bus driver to them to move Claudette stayed and told him that she payed to sit here and she was not getting up because it was her right to sit where ever she wants. The pregnant woman was going to move but when she saw that Claudette wasn’t moving she didn’t either. Then a nearby traffic officer came and arrested them both, but they let the pregnant woman get out first because she was pregnant.