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Interview With Ponyboy

All About Ponyboy

Ponyboy may seem like a typical greaser. On the inside, there is a whole different story. He is the type of boy who would rather bury his face in a book than go out with friends. Sunsets are special to him. They help him realize that the Socs and the Greasers both see the same sunset. As the youngest of three boys without a mother or father, many responsibilities are upon him.

Ponyboy answered some questions for us!

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What is your perspective on the division of Socs and Greasers?

In my opinion, the division of Socs and Greasers is pointless. We are all people, it's basically saying these are the rich, and these are the not so rich. We all see the same sunset at the end of the day. The Socs get away with most things while Greasers always get caught. The only thing wrong with being a Greaser is you are underestimated.

What is your opinion on Dally?

On the inside, Dally really is a good guy. Yes I agree with you, he gets himself into crazy situations. He come across as "tuff". Dally always has all of our backs. He has helped me through many times. More of us greasers need to realize that he is a good guy and we should give him more credit.

What was your motivation for saving the children?

I felt I had to save the children after Johnny and I screwed up. There was no turning back. I do not regret anything, in fact it was a great decision. I just wish Johnny wouldn't have helped me because that didn't end good. Well, ya can't change the past. It shocked me that I was a "hero" instead of a "murderer. I'm glad those kids are safe and I'm thankful I saved them.
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