John Wilkes Booth: Satan's Helper

foysal and michael

"john wilkes booth crawled out of bed" PG:9

john wilkes booth was sad so much because he lost the war and slaves are free. instead of getting up correctly, he crawled out of bed because he was sad.

john wilkes booth

"john wilkes booth would strike president lincoln" PG:27

john wilkes booth knew the layout of the play, he knew lincoln would be at the play, he had weapons and this gives him an advantage to kill lincon.

"Booth was a thrill seeker" PG:20

booth loves to find excitement. he loves to be excited. instead of being a normal person and find excitement like normal people, he decided to kill lincoln.


based on what we have on booth now, we can predict he will kill president lincoln and enjoy it. booth will most likely be sad in the beginning of the novel. later on he will find a way to cheer up because he found a way to assassinate lincoln. then after he's done enjoying the death of lincoln, he will most likely go to jail.