Model T

A car for the masses

The horseless carriage

The Model T was the first car produced by ford moter company. Its desiner Henry Ford wanted to make a car that the average person could aford. On october 1-1908 they introduced it the public.The first model T's were made at a factory on Piquette Avenue in Detroit. At first the Model T cost around $850 but later droped to $250. Its top speed was 45 mph and it could go about 13 miles on one tank of gas. They stoped making the Model T around 1927 by then there were around 18 million.

Model T comes in nine styles and only one color

Model T's impact on America

The Model T had a huge impact on America. Cars were now not just toys for the rich but a practical form of transportation for anybody. Also because of the model T the asembly line was introduced which created more good paying jobs.