The Crossover

By Kwame Alexander


Josh Bell is a 13 year old boy with a passion for basketball. He and his twin are up-and-coming stars, but their family and and other relationshipsa are in question. His brother, Jordan, has a new girlfriend who is breaking the bond between Josh and Jordan. As his father's health problems get worse the family tries to mend the bond. When the father dies a shocking death, Josh realizes that his brother will always be there for him.
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Josh Bell is a basketball phenom with dreads down to his shoulders. He may appear like a star, or someone who would be cocky and popular. But inside, Josh Bell is a caring person who wants the best for his brother and family. He wants for his team and teammates to do well. He is confused by the sudden changes in his life, including his brother getting a girfriend. As his feelings get the best of him, he purposely hurts his brother. During his suspension, he realizes that his bond with his brother is one of the most importants bonds he will make in his lifetime. This changes his demeanor towards life and when his father dies, the bond he has with his brother is finally meneded. Josh developed during the course of the book.


Overall, Josh Bell shows that one person can change and learn from their mistakes. He matured and learned many life lessons throughout the course of the book.
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