Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

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Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2016 Honda CRF250X

The Honda CRF250X was built for skilled off road riders who are looking to find a unique balance between power, size, handling, and performance. The CRF250X is based off of Honda’s CRF250R Motocross racer, but has specially tuned suspension, transmission, and an electric starter kit built for the trails. With Honda’s liquid-cooled four stroke motor, the CRF250X was designed to put out tremendous power over a wide rpm band for any style of trail riding. In addition, the electric start allows for convenient one-push turnover at the beginning of your ride, and an easily started motorcycle when caught in tougher conditions. The Honda CRF250X is the complete package for any skilled rider looking to get out to the trails quickly, and with a bike durable and efficient enough to take you almost anywhere you want to go.