All About Black Holes

How Black Holes Start

Black Holes are made when stars explode. They leave a big core and it shrinks and becomes small, but very heavy. Sometimes stars end their lives as a neutron star. Then during further stages it becomes a black hole.

Parts of Black Holes

  • There are 3 parts of a black hole.
  • The first part of the black hole is the outer edge. This is called the Outer Event Horizon.
  • The second part of the black hole is called the Inner Event Horizon.
  • The third part of a black hole is called the Singularity- Center where gravity is located.

Size of a Black Hole

There are two sizes of black holes. The first one is called the Stellar Mass, which is 3 -15 times bigger than the sun. The second black hole is called the Super Massive, which is the same as 100 million suns squashed together.

Speed of a Black Hole

The speed of a black hole is almost to the speed of light. The speed of light is 186,282 miles per second.
Black hole eats star