Guidance hopes that you and your families are all healthy and safe! Be kind to each other and yourself during this difficult time.

What kind of Mindset do you want to grow into?

The Guidance department has read Mindset by Carol Dweck throughout the year for us to best support you all. It has really built our understanding of Growth Mindset.

After looking at the info-graphic below, can you think about a time when you had a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed Mindset?

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MI Advantage:

Click on the side image! MI Advantage helps students recognize their unique intellect, boost confidence levels, strengthen all of their intelligences, and explore recommended careers.This assessment provides a more rounded view of students by looking at the following types of intelligence: bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, naturalist, spatial and existential.

AP Students:

We encourage all AP students to take their exam this year being confident that the colleges are fully aware of the current situation. We have heard from many colleges about this topic over the past several weeks and wanted to share this pertinent information with you.

Northeastern seems to state it best when they say "Even with new exam formats, we will continue to honor our existing policy of offering course credit for AP exams earning a 4 or 5". This has been a consistent message from all colleges and universities.

a) Billy’s mother had five children. The first was named Lala, the second was named Lele, the third was named Lili, the fourth was named Lolo. What was the fifth child named?

b) Choose the correct sentence: “the yolk of the egg is white” or “the yolk of the egg are white.”

c) It’s as light as a feather, but the strongest person can’t hold it for more than five minutes. What is it?

d) The more there is, the less you see. What is it?