Alfred Binet

(July 8, 1857 - October 18, 1911)

Developmental Area of Focus

Alred Binet devised the original testing scale that is used to measure intelligence, which is known as the IQ test. He began his research and testing when he first realized how his older daughter responded differently to certain things compared to his younger daughter.

His Theory

Binet had a theory that he could show the relationship between chronological age and though processes. With the help of Theodore Simon, Binet and Simon made a scale(Binet-Simon scale) with over 30 tests with different difficulties and each child was to pass as many tests as possible. This test is now known as the IQ test.

The Test for Intellegence

In the 1900s, the French government asked Binet to form a test on many students to see at what difficulty learning level they were at. Binet and Simon formed a test that was used to test different things in students such as memory, attention and problem solving skills. They found that some children could answer questions that older children could answer, but other children could only answer questions that younger children could typically answer. This test was then published in 1916 and was called the Standford-Binet Intelligence test, this test soon became the standard intelligence test in the United States.