Bluff Dale GT

February 14, 2017


I have wanted to do a newsletter for GT for a while, but have had a hard time finding the time to do so. Because of the many facets of my job, I come across interesting opportunities pretty regularly. I thought this might be a good way to share! I will send out to you all as I can!

Open Call for GT Testing

Each spring we give an open call for GT referrals. Any nominated student will be tested. Any student may be nominated. All kindergarten students will be screened and those who may qualify, tested. Please submit any nominations to Rica Smith by February 28.

Ronald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge

I saw Henry Winkler talking about this the other day and thought it was a FANTASTIC opportunity for all students! Love, love, LOVE this idea!! Basically, children age 5-12 write 100 words or less about an idea they have in one of 5 different areas and submit it. The winning idea from each category gets made!! The direct site won't work for me to link it from the school, but this article tells a little more about it.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

One of my favorite places, there is a constantly changing array of opportunities found here! Currently, there is an exhibit about guitars and how they impacted music. THey will also have special events for Engineers Week, February 20-24, with a special day just for aspiring girl engineers on Saturday, February 24, 12-4 pm.

Interesting Article and Podcast

I am a member of a couple of different professional organizations for gifted students. I come across interesting or applicable articles pretty regularly. I will pass some of the more interesting ones along.

"Balancing High Expectations with Emotional Support"

This is a podcast about the impact of gaming on gifted students. Below is a brief description from the website and the link.

Mind Matters delves into the world of video games. Does gaming affect gifted kids differently? What is special about the relationship between giftedness and gaming? We talk with Mark Talaga, M.A., LPC, and Brandon Tessers, LPC, from the Center for Identity Potential.