Materials & Steps

All You Need To Know And More

What Will Be Needed?

To make your rocking chair you will need...

- 12 clothespins taken apart (24 pieces)

- white glue

- paint brushes (to apply glue, popsicle sticks will work as well)

BEFORE we start here are some pointers to keep in mind when making your rocking chair...

- When letting pieces dry wrap the surface with plastic wrap, this will let you be able to not worry about your pieces sticking to anything when glue runs.

- When you create a piece, cover the piece in glue to reinsure the stability of your chair.

- This activity is time consuming and at some times tedious, be patient, you won't regret it

Now you have a petit chair to do with what you please, whether it is going to sit on a shelf, be shown to all or played with every once in a while. Make it your own, share it, flaunt it, work it.