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Schedule Change Begins Monday

Starting Monday, we will begin an alternate schedule. This schedule allows for more personalized learning through small group instruction. This will better prepare students for STAAR testing, as this is an SSI year. SSI means they must pass the STAAR to be promoted to the next grade. Students who do not pass the first round will go through a tutoring program and retake the test. If they do not pass the second time, they will attend summer school and retake it again at the end of summer school. Here is the new schedule:

7:15-7:45= Morning Work in Homeroom Class
7:45-8:00= Morning Meeting in Mrs. Ward's Classroom
8:00-8:50= Specials (Art, Music, PE)
9:00-10:00= 1st Rotation
10:05-11:05= 2nd Rotation
11:10-12:05= 3rd Rotation
12:10- 12:40= Lunch
12:40-1:10= Recess & Restroom Break
1:15-1:40= Small Group Instruction
1:45-2:10= Small Group Instruction
2:15-2:40= Small Group Instruction
2:40-2:45= Pack-up & Dismissal

During the small group instruction time, your child will be going to different teachers/mentors to work in a small group. For example, they could be with Mrs. Davidson or Mrs. Branstetter working on reading. They could be working with Mrs. Ward or Mrs. Patredis on math. They could also be in the library doing an enrichment class. Every child's schedule will be different. This should help to prepare them for a middle school schedule, among all the other benefits.

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What does reading on grade level sound and look like in 5th grade? Check out the video for answers!

What does reading on grade level in 5th grade sound and look like?
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How much is your child reading at home?

Congratulations to Mrs Davidson's Homeroom Class for having the MOST students meet their STRIDE goal this week!

Stride Academy Homework REQUIRED

Starting this week, using Stride 80 minutes a week (20 min 4 times a week) is mandatory. Your child has been challenged. We have put up a football field on the wall. Their football player or cheerleader (they colored themselves) start at one end zone. Their goal is to move across the field to the other end zone. To do this, each week your child must meet their 80 minutes on Stride Academy goal. We will have twelve weeks to complete this challenge, including Spring Break. That means they only have 2 weeks that they can miss their goal. If they “score a touchdown,” meaning they met their 80 minutes goal 10 times, they get to attend a pajama, popcorn party the week of the STAAR test. There will be smaller rewards along the way. Please help them in their success by checking to make sure they are meeting their weekly goals.

NEED 2 Liter EMPTY Bottles

Please send in any 2 liter empty bottles. We are creating eco-columns in the near future and will be needing close to 40.Also, it will really save me a lot of time if you rinse it out and pull off the wrapper. Thank you so much for your help!

Auction Donations..... We are running low, please HELP!

We are doing weekly Friday auctions, where the kids can spend there 5th grade money. We are asking for donations to help sustain our auction materials. Gently used items, old toys, dollar items, fingernail polishes, notepads, games, g-rated movies, craft supplies, etc. are all welcome. Please send donated items to your homeroom teacher. The students work hard to earn their money, and we want to maintain a high incentive for good behavior. The auctions play a significant role in the positive environment we are creating. Thank you for your involvement and support.

January Million Word Challenge: Reading Resolutions

In the month of January, every student is setting a January Reading Resolution. This is a goal that they will achieve in reading just in the month of January. This could be anything from reading a certain number of books to trying a new genre. In 5th grade, we will be publishing our resolutions on the 5th grade blog. At the end of January, students will write a reflection about meeting/ not meeting their goal. Check out our blog at https://sites.google.com/a/nisdtx.org/2015-2016-5th-grade-blogs/
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Learning Targets

Language Arts- This week in Language Arts we will be reviewing our Benchmark that we took last week. We will be looking at a passage each day. We will be looking at strategies we use, why the answer is what it is, and if we got it wrong, why we got it wrong. We will also be starting our next DBQ about the Gold Rush. This one is a fun DBQ. They will be writing a journal of the travel from the East to California.

Math- We are continuing to broaden our understanding of multiplication of decimals. We will be multiplying tenths and hundredths using the partial products. I am so proud of our students who are directing their learning through the use of STRIDE as homework. Many students are right on track with the 80 minutes per week. This is a valuable life habit to develop. We are only a few months away from middle school!

Science- On Thursday, we will be taking our Earth and Science CBA. We started this unit back in November. It is a very large unit, so we will spend the beginning of the week reviewing for the test.

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First day of our new schedule

Monday, Feb. 8th, 7:15am-2:45pm

PVE 5th Grade

Chisholm Trail Middle School Tour

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 9:30-11:30am

Chisholm Trail Middle School, Rhome, TX, United States

Rhome, TX

We will be going over for a brief tour of the campus as a fifth grade class.

5th Grade Parent Meeting

Tuesday, March 1st, 6-7:30pm

Chisholm Trail Middle School, Rhome, TX, United States

Rhome, TX

On this evening, parents will hear from our principal, Mr. Vercher as well as myself. We will be discussing district and Chisholm expectations. Parents and students will have an opportunity before and after the presentation to visit different booths advertising classes, advanced academics, as well as clubs & organizations.

Kelly Wallace

6th Grade Counselor

Chisholm Trail Spectacular Night

Thursday, March 10th, 6-8pm

Chisholm Trail Middle School, Rhome, TX, United States

Rhome, TX

*Elementary students/parents/staff DO NOT have to attend*

This night is only for those who might have missed any of the other information. On this night, we will have a small area set up for any parents or students who might have questions regarding 6th grade. This is also a night where our students will be showcasing some of their finest work from this school year. We welcome any parents or students who might want to see or learn more about the awesome work at Chisholm Trail.

Kelly Wallace

6th Grade Counselor

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