By Calvin Oh

The Simple Idea

The Jewish religion that's known for traditions such as Hannukah still thrives today after WWII. About and within it, it's people worship Adonai, as well as the book of Tanakh and the book of Tonah. Some rituals include the "passover," and Hannukah, both of which are strict to this religion only. Jews, the namely followers, honor before Adonai and the Holy Temple, both sacred.

Jewish Religions

The religion of judaism began from within Jerusalem, the capital of Israel located in the Southwest of Asia. It began with the kindling of the nation began by Abraham, and the religion is far different now than it was before. Kosher foods are studied foods that do not contain pork or shellfish, nor mixed meat/milk products. These meals are for religious purposes and are very important for the people of respect it. A ceremony is also regulated for boys of 13 and girls of 12, where they are obligated to read the commandments they will have as an adult. A Rabbi, is a certified man that teaches people the ways of the Jewish law, who speaks of the Holy Books and other things. A known important figure is Abraham, the man who began Judaism.