A aluminums plate journey

By: Kristo Sales


At first the brave miners go down into the deep dark caves. when they find a aluminum pocket they very delicately break the rock around it. when they finally get the aluminum out of the rock, its still very bumpy and rough so


The raw aluminum goes to a factory that then cuts up any rough or imperfections in the piece. Next depending on the desired object in this case a plate for a robot. ( there are many things for aluminum to be sheets, cans, robot pieces, etc.) they usually put it in machines that they have sent data on how they want the aluminum cut up. Once all the pieces that needed to be cut up they are then send to retailers warehouse (robot shop.com)


The factory sends the aluminum plates to the


warehouse somewhere.


the aluminum plates are send to the

http://www.robotshop.com/ warehouse in a place far, far away by truck (trailer, big truck)


The people who buy the plates (us the consumers) then go to

http://www.robotshop.com/ to buy the plates. Next the people who run robot shop get the information on how many plates they want. Finally they send the plates to the address of the person and then their credit gets charged


The robot plates are now advertised in side ads, pop-up ads, etc.