Secondary Storage!

What would a Game Developer need?


Internal storage is storage that is inside the case of the computer.

The advantages of internal storage are that it is rapid because it is closer to the CPU and it can go straight to ROM or RAM.

The disadvantages are that if the computer breaks down or just crashes, your data is at a high risk of corruption.

Hard Disk Drives are examples!

External Storage

This is storage that is stored externally from the computer such as flash drives or SD cards!

The advantages of external memory include portability and the disadvantages include the slowness.

Volatile memory is memory that disappears after the computer is switched off.

Non Volatile does not disappear!

A Game Developer's Secondary Storage!

What would they need?

  1. External hard drive. Portability and accessibility are key when you are working from home and working in an office.
  2. Large hard disk drive (internal). Lots of data is needed to be stored when programming, such as artwork and other data
  3. Dropbox or other on-line sites for storage. Needed to share data with colleagues and share ideas and program sections.