TTESS Orientation

All Newly Employed HISD Teaching Staff

TTESS Orientation - Responsive Learning

Welcome to HISD. We are glad you have joined our team. Each year we have a few required training sessions. This year is no different. TTESS is one of several, but we are here to help you get through the first of school. Need help, give me a call at your convenience.

Please follow the instructions below to log into your Responsive Learning account or create a new account. Many schools in Texas use Responsive Learning for online staff training. If you have an account already, click here to log in. Just a reminder to always use your HISD email.

This training is about 3 hours and will need to be complete by week two of school. You may start and stop as often as you need to do so.

New to Responsive Learning, no worries. Click here! Self-registration is quick and easy. Use the codes below to access your existing or a new account.

Call if you need assistance.

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